Should I select Multiple Events or Single Event for my 1-on-1 invite?

The Number of events option for 1-on-1 invites determines how many invitees can book meetings from a given invite link and when that invite link will expire.
The easiest way to describe the difference between the two invite types is to imagine you are a college professor. 
You would use Multiple events in situations where you want to a schedule multiple 1-on-1 meetings with your students.  For example this would apply in a scenario where you need to meet with each student individually to review his or her term paper at the end of the semester.  Once you send the link to the class mailing list, students can each sign up for a different time and zvite will prevent them from double booking the same time. This is the more common scenario. 
You would use a Single event invite when, for example, you want to schedule a one-off meeting with a student who is struggling with the class. Once the student signs up for a time the invite will be closed from further bookings. 

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